We have launched a new safety online reporting program. This program will allow us to share near misses (mishaps,) with each other to raise awareness about safety. We are asking all of our employees to report near misses and incidents for all activity on and off the job. This program is designed to help you minimize accidents and prevent injuries and fatalities. This program will also help you maximize your own safety culture along side of other co-workers, and to continually refresh a database of safety information that can be used to share safety alerts.

Employee stories:
Close call this week. Stokes Rd hauling sand came to a curve and another driver going to fast almost meet me head-on. Thank goodness for good brakes and my fast response.
While driving the church bus, this morning, turning onto 103rd, a 4 wheeler made a u-turn right in front of me, I stood on the brakes. Me with a bus load of kids!

Saw a pick up truck spin out on slick road two cars ahead of me... no harm to me... the driver of the truck fortunately did not hurt himself or crash... could have been bad...

Using Varidesk saves on neck and shoulder muscle strain at computer and gets you to stand occasionally which is better for you.

Near miss was on my way to work thisd morning a white Chevy s 10 come flying around me out of the blue after coming around me jump back in my lane and almost hit the front of my car he was diving so fast he about lost control of his truck afte almost hitting me he lost control of his truck and was fish tailing for about 2 mins.

Guy was fish tailing a few sec. Then he got control back.

Another near miss today. Returning from a trip to Chesser island landfill, almost run off the road by a log truck driver trying to pass me and a coworker and didn't have enough room to get around the both of us, so he just pulled back over, almost clipping my bumper if I didn't get on the brakes. Not a good place to be. Thank you Lord for getting me back safely.

I almost got in the Hammer Lane to make faster time but I chose because it was heavy traffic to stay in the right lane. Fortunately I did because if I had I would have been behind another truck that was forced off the road into the median because of merging traffic.

Tree is a safety hazard blocking sight of road.

tree saftey hazard

Saturday June 29th 7:05 am ,I was west bound on I 10 driving in the right lane as I approached the cassette ave.exit a Silver Chevrolet cross in my lane just in time to exit, I had to apply my brakes to avoid impact. That's my near miss for the week.

I was in my personal vehicle, and pulled up to a red light. When another vehicle jumped in front of me , thankfully I had noticed the other driver and avoided a accident.

Hammering on plow by disc's when realized I didn't have gloves on.

While on 121 a truck two cars behind me decided to pass while oncoming traffic was close and I had to pull in ditch to keep him from hitting oncoming traffic and hitting me also.
It is important to slow down in the rain. It's very easy to slide.

A truck driver passed me reading a book cut over in front of me and went into emergency lane. He then snached the wheel went over two lane and almost hit a car in front of me.

While driving on Highway 16, I was behind a logging truck and noticed a log was coming loose. I slowed down and saw a log bounce off the logging truck and bounced on the road in front of me. I quickly swerved to avoid the log from hitting me and my truck.

A former business associate that was in his early thirties purchased a small Jon type boat over the holidays with a small outboard kicker. He was exited about being able to take his younger son fishing in their own boat. They were on a North Georgia lake on Saturday and the sun was beginning to go down. Another boat was speeding and did not see the smaller boat and ran over them with the larger boat.

It killed the the former associate. As of yet, I don't know of the younger sons injuries.... and do not know if the accident was alcohol related. We are praying for his family. Such a tragic situation.

Oil spill left over weekend. Someone could easily slip.

Oil Spill

Wednesday the 3rd a CEI truck passed me in a curve then forced his way back in to miss a vehicle coming straight at him.

Turned blinker on I-10 to go around someone went to pass them and person behind me fell out around me while trying to swop lanes ! Double check!

Be careful when walking especially in a hurry. And be aware of up turned mats, small obstacles, like boxes in the middle of the hallway. Tripping hazards...

I was goin down the road and someone was parked out into the highway.